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Professional arborists


Tree Pruning

If your trees need pruning it is prudent to call in the tree professionals, especially if you need to remove branches in the upper area of the tree called the crown. Pruning a large tree for example will require climbing and large saws, chainsaws and even a cherry picker for the awkward high parts of the tree. With all this said it really should be left to the professionals to carry out the job safely and efficiently.

A tree may need pruned for many reasons, including removing storm-damaged or diseased branches, thin the crown to promote new shoots and growth, remove awkward and obstructing branches, for cosmetic reasons to improve the shape and finally to lessen the height of the tree.

Tree Felling

Tree removal or dismantling can be necessary because the tree is diseased/dying or its position is not acceptable anymore e.g. blocking out light to the property. The tree can be cut down in sections for safety purposes e.g. near a greenhouse or roof, with all the right equipment necessary and by fully trained tree surgeons or if suitable and safe the tree can be cut down as a whole tree.

We have years of experience in dismantling trees and will first check that the tree is not under a TPO (tree protection order) or in a conservation area and that work is allowed can be carried out.

Tree Planting

We offer a comprehensive tree planting service, which includes sourcing only the best young trees from local nurseries, to an aftercare service making sure the trees are developing and maturing in the right way. We also advise our clients on the best trees that will suit their garden or grounds .

Trees can be a benefit to your business and to the value of your property, as well as being great for the environment.

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Professional Tree Surgeons

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