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Tree Pruning Summary

If your trees need pruning it is prudent to call in the tree professionals, especially if you need to remove branches in the upper area of the tree called the crown. Pruning a large tree for example will require climbing and the use of large saws, chainsaws and even a cherry picker for the awkward high parts of the tree. With all this said it really should be left to the professionals to carry out the job safely and efficiently.

A tree may need pruned for many reasons, including removing storm-damaged or diseased branches, thin the crown to promote new shoots and growth, remove awkward and obstructing branches, for cosmetic reasons to improve the shape and finally to lessen the height of the tree.

Deadwood Removal

Deadwood needs to be removed from the tree if the branch poses a risk to the public and property. Though with mature trees there can be a need to keep the branch intact, but maybe reduce the length to avoid it falling down and causing any harm. Mature trees with deadwood can be an invaluable habitat for birds, animals and insects.

Pruning When Young

Just like plants, trees can be helped to grow in the correct manner by pruning and controlling the growth when they are young, avoiding multi stems rubbing together and crossing over.

Crown Reduction

This is a common procedure to reduce the overall size of the crown (top of the tree). This process will help increase the life of the tree and general appearance and will be useful to allow more light to shine through the canopy, particularly useful if you find the trees are blocking out the light to your property.

Crown Thinning

A tree with a extremely dense crown, may need to have it thinned out to:-

  • allow more sunlight through - helps other plants below and light into your property
  • less wind damage - wind can cause the branches and even the trunk to buckle
  • reduce the branches from rubbing together, which can cause the branches to break

Crown Lifting

The crown may need to be lifted because some of the lower branches are causing a problem to buildings, the public, walkways etc. The branches in the way are pruned back to the main trunk or to where they will grow back in a suitable way.

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