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When you need a tree cut down and removed, a stump is left which is the last portion of the tree trunk and the roots are still in tact. It can be necessary to remove this tree stump to avoid re growth and free up the ground ready for planting new trees or for other land uses e.g. turfing or buildings.

Using A Stump Grinder

The most desirable method to remove the tree stump is by a stump grinder, but we can also dig the stump out or use chemicals to stop any new growth and aide in the decay process, which can take many years to occur normally.

The stump grinding machine comes in many different sizes, which is useful depending on the position and size of the tree stump. Though they all operate in the same way with a rotating blade that will churn up the tree stump into small wood chips and the subsequent wood mulch can be used as a fertiliser or recycled. The stump grinding method is cost effective and reduces disturbance to the surrounding area. Stump Grinding is useful especially where space is an issue and frees up the land for other uses.

Let The Professionals Do The Hard Work For You

At Maxwell Tree Care we offer a comprehensive and competitively priced stump removal and grinding service, the work is fully insured and is carried out by highly trained and qualified professionals with the latest stump grinding equipment. No tree stump is too small, too large or too difficult for us to remove. We undertake all our work safely and to the best possible standard, satisfaction guaranteed.

Other Stump Removal Methods Can Be:

  • Just leave the tree stump to rot over many years, though re growth and fungus may occur
  • A mechanical digger can used to tear the stump out of the ground, increase disturbance to the surrounding area
  • The old fashioned method of an axe and a spade, which would be time consuming
  • Burning the stump

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