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Oak Tree (Fagaceae Family)

This hardwood strain is native to the northern hemisphere,and includes deciduous and evergreen species. The seed or fruit from an oak tree is called an acorn and can take 6 - 18 months to mature.

This wood`s characteristics are of a hard wearing and strong wood, resilient to insect and fungal attacks.


Scots Pine (Pinaceae Family)

Native to Europe and Asia, is an evergreen coniferous tree growing up to 25m in height. The seeds are housed in a cone for protection.

The scots pine wood is very useful in the forestry industry, being put to use for pulp and timber products e.g. construction work.


Beech Tree (Fagaceae Family)

A deciduous tree native to Europe and North America. The beech tree canopy is dense and carpets the area surrounding the tree with a dense leaf litter in the autumn. The small 3 angled nut is edible, but bitter.

The most common use of this tree is ornamental, but it is also used in furniture for framing and construction for flooring.


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