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Welcome to Maxwell Treecare, an Edinburgh Based Tree Surgeon.
We employ a team of professionally trained and experienced staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When is the best time to hire a Tree Surgeon?

The best time will depend on the tree and the situation. For example tree work on the walnut tree is best done in the summer, when they have full foliage. Call us for more advice on these matters.


Do you have insurance?

Yes we do. We have full public & employer’s liability insurance to the value of £5m and £10m respectively. We can send details of our insurance policy if you are interested.


After the job is finished, what happens to the waste?

We believe in being green. We will clean up completely after we have finished working and all our waste is recycled and none goes to landfill.


How much will I have to pay?

All jobs are different and hence will not charge the same for each project. We will give you a quote, which will depend on the number, type, size and what needs to be done to the trees. Services could include pollarding, removing, stump grinding etc.


Will I need permission for work to be carried out on my trees?

Trees that are under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), due to age, importance etc., will need approval from the local authority before any work can start. We will check the trees for a TPO before any work is carried out.


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